Tiny Perfect Moments: Lightening — Discover

“[W]e were lucky to be alive, and not just because we didn’t get hit by lightening.” Good friends, a ferocious storm, and the beauty of being alive — and together.

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The Men from Town — Discover

Memoir by Ryan Van Meter: “This is the first time I’ve heard my brother make language do something surprising, and I smile because I know that he doesn’t realize his words are beautiful.”

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The JromoCompany

The JromoCompany is inviting you to follow the journey of of changing lives with http://blackopsunderground.com/edw/?id=joserromo if like to be part of it come and join http://blackopsunderground.com/edw/?id=joserromo

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Still Life with Silence — O at the Edges

Still Life with Silence Not two, but one, invisible and stretched between stump and fence, filled with time, defining implication. Empty the pitcher. Accept its limitations. Listen to what is not.

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Inspiration Comes from the Lord. — Rubies Corner’s Blog

I don’t sit down with my Bible without a plan of some kind before me. I have been going through a small, book about taking 40 days with Jesus. It is full of a devotional type lesson on each page. Recently, I uncovered a Beth Moore study book that I had partially finished. I must […]

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H2O — Passion through Poetry

Blue skies And blue seas Enrapture me https://dailypost.wordpress.com/photo-challenges/h2o/

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Dark side of love!!!! — crystalamay

Love is a beautiful emotion I agree,very beautiful indeed but it also have a dark side which very less people have spoken about,love is actually giving your life in to other person’s hand.Its up to that person to make you or break you,you lose control over yourself and wander alone as if you are stuck […]

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Millennial — Discover

Millennial is a journal where young Catholic thinkers reflect on current events, politics, culture, and faith.

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Victorians and Their Cats — Discover

“Day 246 of my imprisonment. My spirit is broken. I have succumbed to the affections of my human overlords. Even my heterochromia brings me no joy. Life is meaningless…” A brief history of Victorians and their cats, through art.

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“And God Said It Was So”: Donald Trump Is the Spittin’ Image of Bad Theology — Discover

“Donald Trump is the image of the omnipotent God. The men who support him are affirming their right to rule in his image… This view is rooted in theology—very bad theology, but theology, nonetheless. And this is why theology matters.”

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